We do this because we believe that the birth of social technologies marks a significant moment in history.


Never before have customers been given such a prominent voice in the reputation of brands.  Prior to the introduction of these web 2.0 technologies, the gatekeepers of Television, Radio and Print ruled public opinion.

Nowadays anyone can be a writer, a podcaster, a video personality and a conversationalist. We are in the midst of a revolution that is affecting brands, people and governments. The groundswell that created this shift cannot be stopped, it can only be understood.

The business that adopts and understands social media, the opportunities and the implications, will be poised to succeed as these technologies have become wide-spread and ubiquitous. Our mission is to work with organizations of all shapes, sizes and across all industries to move business into this new world of customer participation.  We help organizations understand how the world is changing around them by working with them to adapt to the changing behaviors of their customers.