Why you need to pay attention to Social Recruiting

The Odd Couple: Social Media and Recruiting Here’s Why: According to Jobvite’s 2014 Job Seeker Nation Study conducted in August, almost 70% of recruiters expect hiring to become more competitive over the next year. Three quarters of the recruiters surveyed said they will be highlighting company culture more to win over candidates. More than half of […]

Building a Social Media Strategy – Philadelphia Library w/ SCORE & Constant Contact

Shameless Self-Promotion > Leave Jeff a testimonial here. > Learn about what a Social Business Agency does. Resources for you > Get WordPress here > Get Google Analytics here > Get a domain name here > Get cheap, easy-to-use website hosting here > Get a snazzy WordPress theme here or here > Search Engine Optimization (SEO) made easy for your website with ScribeSEO […]

Saying ‘Thank You’ in the World of eCommerce

My best friend, Greg, is a health nut. After a rough experience pursuing his PhD, he returned to the solace of the gym and hasn’t looked back. Aside from being a great buddy, he’s been an invaluable resource for me in my own quest of a healthy lifestyle. The other night, however, he informed me […]

Conversation Shift: Social Media –> Customers

In 2011, we called ourselves a “Social Media agency.” In 2012, we pivoted to call ourselves a “Social Business Agency.” Why did we do it? Conversation Shift We did it because “Social Media agency” limited the conversations we were having.  It always fell back into a talk about the newest Facebook feature or how to […]

What social media blog posts can teach us about social media

I am the President of True Voice Media, a Social Media Agency in Philadelphia.  I work in social media.  I associate with other social media professionals on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and other networks.  I’m a member of Social Media Club Philadelphia.  I blog about social media, I speak about social media.  I spend a lot […]