Social Business Design


True Voice Media is more than just a Social Media Marketing Agency.  We go deeper…way deeper.

What is Social Business Design?

Social Business Design is the process of adapting a company to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by social media, reducing liability and risk through governance and training, and leveraging social technologies and concepts to become more open, transparent, collaborative, and innovative.

While Social Media Marketing gets the most attention, Social Media have opened up profound opportunities across all business units and for solving a myriad of business problems, not just marketing.

  • A Social Business has the tools to reduce customer service costs.
  • A Social Business will have a greater understanding of its competitive landscape.
  • A Social Business is more collaborative, and is faster to innovate.
  • A Social Business has the tools to attract the best talent.
  • A Social Business has more touch points, more content and shorter sales cycles.
  • A Social Business has an open and optimized a supply chain.

How We Deliver

Social Business Design is a full-scale, long term initiative for organizations looking to transform the company culture to be more adaptive, innovative, responsive, and transparent.

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We start with a deep discovery phase where we ask, observe and audit our clients, their customers, their culture, their competitive environment and more.

We then take that research, combine it with our clients’ goals and design a strategy that will serve as a guiding document for the shift toward Social Business.

The strategies we build are working documents, not some overly complex 35 page document that sits on a shelf gathering dust.  It’s not about theory, it’s about answering real world questions and giving simple, straight forward strategies and tactics.  The goal of Social Business Design is to lead our clients down a path to becoming a Social Business.

After the strategy is set, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to execute each and every step in the process.

We help the entire organization build a culture where social tools fit.


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