Ep9: Scott Hebner – The Six Social Business Trends To Watch In 2014

Welcome to Episode #9 of Conversations – The True Voice Media Podcast

Heeeeeeeee’s baaaaaack!

And today we’re talking about, you guessed it, Social Business!

But we’re not just rehashing the same topics you see and read about on other blogs.

We don’t get stuck on theory or buzzwords.

Scott brings world class, real-life experience working with IBM and its clients.  As one of the leading thinkers in the space, Scott was kind enough to stop by for a second visit to give us his six predictions for social business in 2014.

This episode runs a little longer than most, but that’s because it’s simply not possible to jam all this awesome into 30 minutes.

So grab a nice Venti latte, settle into your favorite comfy chair and relax, because for the next 64 minutes, we’re droppin’ some serious knowledge.

Scott Hebner

Conversations – The True Voice Media Podcast – Episode #9 – Host: Jeff Gibbard

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  • Running time: 1:04:33
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