Ep1: Lynette Young – From one to another

Welcome to Episode #1 of Conversations – The True Voice Media Podcast

In this, our first episode, I have the privilege of speaking with Lynette Young.

We discuss careers in Social Media, frustrations of an Entrepreneur, identifying target markets, why the cobbler’s children have no shoes, and what industries need to get their act together.

Lynette Young

Conversations – The True Voice Media Podcast – Episode #1 – Host: Jeff Gibbard

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  • Running time: 34:02
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  1. Ben LeDonni says

    Businesses are unable sometimes to make the decision to use social media marketing because they don’t understand it and thus are afraid of it.

    Totally agree that the future will go above and beyond these mediums/outlets. Great Second Life anecdote, Lynette.

    Great conversation guys. Keep it up Jeff!

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