Is Social Media Making Us Less Social?

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It’s a beautiful day in mid-July and I am at home with nothing to do. As I check my Snapchat story updates, I am reminded that my friend, Sally, has just returned home from Aruba. (She obviously couldn’t resist the geotag op from the local airport.) I text her to make plans for a lunch […]

Rethinking the future of Twitter


UPDATE (7/19 at 1:21pm): For the TL;DR crowd: Be faster and build more apps, put in noise controls, build new offerings for businesses, but keep the original spirit and simplicity of Twitter. Many people feel that we are in the final days Twitter. The death knell has been rung, and some are even writing eulogies….or did you think […]

What is Marketing? From an Intern’s perspective


As some of you may know, we have an intern working with us at True Voice Media this month. She is from London, and is still in high school. Because she is younger than the average intern, we wanted to get her perspective on what Marketing is, through her eyes. We were very impressed by […]

The Holiday Social

About 7 months ago, the True Voice Media team put on a charitable event.  It was a simple idea, but it went better than we ever could’ve expected. The Holiday Social is a charitable clothing drive that functions as a Fashion Show. We raised over $4,000 in just four weeks Collected well over 100 large bags […]

3 Examples of Kick Ass, Creative Instagram Accounts/Campaigns


Our favorite photo-app is being harnessed in so many ways in the Marketing world of brands, and companies small and large. What’s valuable about Instagram campaigns compared to other traditional marketing campaigns is they involve the users in one way or another. Users of Instagram unconsciously help the campaign by creating and spreading their own content, or engaging with the […]