3 Examples of Kick Ass, Creative Instagram Accounts/Campaigns


Our favorite photo-app is being harnessed in so many ways in the Marketing world of brands, and companies small and large. What’s valuable about Instagram campaigns compared to other traditional marketing campaigns is they involve the users in one way or another. Users of Instagram unconsciously help the campaign by creating and spreading their own content, or engaging with the […]

Social Media vs Mainstream Media: Who Will Win?

Photo: blog.marketamerica.com

In times of tragedy, people often reach for their cell phones, before rushing in to help. The first thought is to record what’s going on and share it with the world. It’s not that people don’t want to help, but sharing our world has become instinctual. The abundance of information that is being shared around the Internet sometimes […]

Sharing a Cup of Coffee is Greater than Sharing a Tweet

Photo Credit: bensearle.co.uk

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Messenger. Each of these tools create new opportunities to communicate in our personal and professional lives. No matter how you use it, Social Media are a vital set of communication tools for keeping up with our friends, family, colleagues, and peers. We stay in touch with our aunt in Idaho via Facebook […]

Beyond The Checklist: Expanding the Social Conversation


I’ve been in the Social Media game professionally since 2008 and back then I saw that the majority of businesses were still asleep at the wheel when it came to understanding how Social Media fits. Seven years later, I still get the feeling that Social Media is just this nagging item on the to-do list for […]