About Jeff Gibbard

President and Chief Strategist

My Introduction

I started True Voice Media in March of 2011.

Prior to that I worked at a Public Relations firm in Philadelphia as the Director of the Social Media Practice Group, and prior to that I was an Interactive Marketing Specialist at a Management Consulting firm.

I love what we do for our clients.

I see my role as being something much larger than sending out invoices and collecting payments from our clients.  Furthermore, this isn’t just about making our clients have a better looking Facebook page.  I believe that there is something bigger going on here.  Social technologies have fundamentally disrupted our world in a variety of ways.  Businesses that want to survive the next decade must acknowledge, appreciate and adapt to this new world in which relationships take precedence over everything, because relationships are the currency of this new economy.

As someone that studies the technological, behavioral and societal changes that are taking place, it is my responsibility to help companies adapt.  It is my responsibility to businesses, and their customers, to make business social.

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If I could be any Super-Hero/Super-Villain

  • Spider-Man

If I could have lunch with any 3 people (alive or dead)

  1. Seth Godin
  2. John Lennon
  3. Steve Jobs

3 books I think you should read

  1. Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff
  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  3. Linchpins by Seth Godin