2011: A Year in Review

It’s obligatory that we put out a year-end wrap-up post.

Year One!

“We have no shoes”

True Voice Media began in March of 2011 and within the first 90 days of “opening our doors” we had 3 clients.  This immediate traction led to a serious case of “the cobblers children having no shoes.”

From the very start we have been running full speed, taking on clients, writing strategies, drafting proposals and taking on Philadelphia in an effort to become the largest, most well respected Social Media Agency in Philadelphia.  In doing so, we missed a number of steps that any good start-up should take.  The beginning of 2012 is all about planning our own business, while still delivering on our clients goals.


We help our clients tell their story but, ironically, we have not told our own story very well.  This has led to some massive opportunities slipping through our fingers as some prospects simply did not “get” what our offer is or how we could help.

The truth is, we’re not the right type of agency for every client.  We’re not the right agency to run your Facebook page and we’re not the right agency to simply get your more followers and WE have not been precise enough in describing what we do.  We’re convinced that telling our story better in 2012 will lead to a significant increase in revenue.  Strategically, we know that “Social Media Agency” is far too limiting.

We are going to reassess how we talk about ourselves on our website.

We are going to put out a monthly newsletter covering some heavy topics in Social Business.  You can sign up here if you’d like to get on our newsletter list.

We will double down our efforts on this blog and be more consistant about posting relevant insights about the state of Social Business.

Communication is what we help clients with, perhaps it’s time to treat ourselves like a client.

Learning from Failure

I am proud to say that we had nearly as much failure as we did success in 2011.  The best method to learn not to touch the hot pan is to burn yourself, and in 2011 we burned ourselves.  These trials and tribulations have set us up to make massive improvements in 2012.  We are focusing the beginning of this year on planning and getting our own “ducks in a row.”

As it stands now, we have a fantastic list of clients from year one including Wiley GroupJulian Krinsky Camps and ProgramsIndependence Helicopter, the Latest Dish and several others that we aren’t at liberty to mention by name.

Thank You

We are extremely grateful for our clients.  We are extremely grateful for our amazing partners.  And we sincerely appreciate the enormous influx of referrals in 2011 and will do everything we can to earn that same level of trust  in 2012.

Please follow us on TwitterFacebook or Google+ to stay up to date on everything happening at True Voice Media.

Happy New Year everyone.

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    Well congratulations on your both your failures and your first year in business. As I recently read, the writer suggested that we try and double our failure's in 2012, to insure a successful year.

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